La Esperanza




Tasting Notes

Raspberry, dark chocolate, clean



La Esperanza is fairly small, flat, and well organized. Over the last four years we have used this small farm to conduct experiments with shade, varieties, and most importantly, with fertilizers. When Josue and team first took over management they made the decision to divide the Villa Sarchi section into several different quadrants that would receive different fertilization protocols:

— Commercial
— Combination of commercial and organic 
— Fully organic fertilizers made from organic compost using materials from the farm

At that time the farm was in massive disrepair and we theorized that the commercial style of agriculture that had been utilized was depleting the soil of the micro-organisms needed for the coffee plants to feed themselves.

Over the next two years we were able to prove that theory, as the section designated for organic fertilizers - fertilizers rich in micro-organisms needed to assist in feeding the plant - thrived and the other three sections continued to struggle. So much so, that not only was the organic quadrant producing higher quality but also saw increases in yields of five times more than the other quadrants.

The La Esperanza is by far the coffee we are most proud of at Los Volcanes. It has been an everyday passion and joy to watch the changes happen at the farm and the knowledge we have gained has transformed the way we view agronomy and our supply chain.

Lot61 - La Esperanza, Guatemala


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