What is the LilyDrip?
The LilyDrip is a ceramic add-on for your pour over coffee. It can be used in most cone drippers (v60, Origami dripper, etc.) and comes in four styles (Lily, Diamond, Donut and Starflower).
What are the benefits of using the LilyDrip?
The LilyDrip offers a few benefits when making pour over coffee. 
	It can help brew coffee more evenly and with better extraction.The Lilydrip helps to even out the depth of your coffee grounds, so the center area is not significantly deeper than the outer ring of grounds. It keeps more of your grounds in the “sweet zone,” which is the depth that leads to the best flavor and extraction. It also can help reduce the change of duplicate extraction and create a more even brew.

	It can lead to shorter brew times and/or more forgiving brews. Because the depth of the grounds is less, the water can flow through the grounds more quickly (potentially leading to a shorter brew time). With the better extraction mentioned above, the brew can be a bit more forgiving with your grind setting.

	It can help maintain brew temperatures better. Having the ceramic piece in the middle of the grounds can help keep a consistent temperature and the beginning and end of your brew.

Product Contents
This LilyDrip set contains four shapes, each of which offers a different effect on the brewing process:
	Lily: This was the original style and leads to a normal/standard flow rate. 
	COS: This style is similar to the Lily, but a bit wider and leads to a slower flow rate.
	Donut: This style has the largest bottom exit and therefore the fastest flow rate thanks to its wide shape and has ridges around it to increase the bottom exit space.
	Starflower: This style is fast like the Donut, but has indents instead of outdents. It still has a large bottom exit leading to a fast flow rate.

The set also comes with the rapid filter shaper and the compact filter shaper. PLEASE NOTE that the set does not include the GIO shape - this is sold seperately.A

Lilydrip Set