A Travel-sized Ceramic Burr Grinder. And it's washable. 

If you are looking for a good travel-sized hand grinder, this is definitely one of our favorites. It's transparent and lightweight, and washable! 


Hario branding is a reliable mark of quality, and this hand grinder certainly delivers top-class results. The unit features a simple, ‘twist and click’ grind adjustment along with conical ceramic burrs. This mill is a dream to use, delivering a wide range of coffee grinds which are suitable for everything from French press brewing to a fine, drip cone pour.


The numbers and the lines on the flask indicate how much you ground- (1) is 12g, and (2) is 24g.



  • Long, removable handle for effortless grinding
  • Removable hopper with lid for easy access
  • Twist and click grind setting for consistent results
  • Sprung, conical ceramic burrs for the optimum grind
  • Transparent flask holds 24 grams of ground coffee
  • Plastic lid, hopper and flask make the grinder ideal for travel



    Materials: Mixed
    Burrs: Conical ceramic (sprung)
    Grind Setting: Adjustable
    Capacity: 24g
    Weight: 0.5lbs (around 227g)
    Size: W150 (with handle) x D53 x H190 mm
    Made in China in Hario's exclusive factory

    HARIO Coffee Mill Smart G