The brand Felicita have released the Parallel scales to measure with precision and fast response times, predominantly for use with filter coffee brewing and any regular kitchen weighing needs.


They measure to 0.1g increments and include a built-in timer. You can be sure that your coffee will be perfect every time too, with the ability to track your speed of brewing using the compatible mobile app. Felicita Parallel can connect to your smart phone or iPad using Bluetooth. Downloading the app will open up these more advanced possibilities and functions.


Parallel has different modes to make your coffee brewing ritual easier such as auto tare, auto start and stop timer. The Felicita scales are all fully waterproof, and designed for use in tracking brewed weights specifically in coffee brewing. The Parallel scales offer extremely quick response times, registering weight quicker than low-priced digital scales. They are also far more robust and resilient than most competing models that we have seen from other brands.


The scales offer tracking of weight and time simultaneously, so for those using any counter-top brewing methods, your measurements can be tracked as you brew, for convenience. Those of you with brewing devices that do not contain a built-in brewing timer, you will save needing to use a phone (slow and clunky to get going, thus imprecise and not easily repeatable in an exact way per brew) or a separate kitchen timer.


Weight and brewing time are your 2 most important recipe trackers in the world of quality brewing, whether espresso or filter coffee is your preference. If you are to create consistent, repeatable results with your brewing, a scale with both weight and time functionality is an essential. With a bright, easily readable display and intuitive response time, these are the scales we’ve seen offering the most value for money relative to their utility and performance in service.


It is worth noting that these scales are fully rechargeable via a USB cable that comes in the box for you. This can be used with any wall sockets via phone charger USB attachments, or plugged directly into a computer USB port.

Felicita Parallel Coffee Scales (Black)