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Elderflower / Kiwi / Raspberry / Fig / Lactic / Dark Chocolate

Suggested for espresso and filter



Barù Volcano


1500 mt


Hot Anaerobic Natural






The Ninety Plus Barú Estates are named after the Barú volcano, the iconic peak around which all of Panama’s best specialty coffee lands are centered. The last seven volcanic eruptions have happened on the western side of the Barú volcano, benefitting coffee on this western slope with superior soils. Ninety Plus Barú Estates are located around a volcanic crater, a result of one of these last seven eruptions. The base of the crater is a 70 hectare plain at 1,800 meters elevation, with the crater rim extending upwards to 2,300 meters above sea level, a peak in full and intimate view of the monumental Barú. Ninety Plus Barú Estates are connected directly to the 15,000-hectare Volcán Barú National Park. Ninety Plus Barú Estates, acquired in 2019, is planned to be both the high-tech future of coffee while embracing an ancient “Jurassic Park-like” feeling where large mammals still run wild daily among coffee trees. Exploring Ninety Plus Barú Estates, the explorer feels that he or she is back in time thousands of years.



Rubens Gardelli, the owner and creator of the roastery, is an important persona in the world of specialty coffee. He was the winner of The World Coffee Roasting Championships 2017. Three times on a box (twice first, once second) in Brewers Cup in Italy, Rubens also won 2014 WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship.



Gardelli - Drima Zede, Panama (Authentic Ninety Plus lot)


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