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Colombia & Castillo Naranjal



Finca La Aurora is located in the Caldas Department, Colombia. Operated by Rubiel Orrego, La Aurora serves as a central collection point for cherry that is purchased at stable and predictable prices from coffee producers in the area surrounding the farm. The coffee collected here is used to produce lots processed with washed, honey and natural methods.
The Finca is situated at 1810 meters above sea level, which is an ideal altitude for processing high-quality coffee. Specialised drying rooms were constructed in 2017 providing Rubiel greater control over production variables. The coffee is protected from weather and temperature variations, As well as providing cover against the elements, and Rubiel is able to control the drying time of the coffee.
For natural processing, coffee grown at altitude in and around La Aurora is hand-sorted and delivered in the cool of the early morning to the Villamaria drying station, located outside the town of Chinchina. Coffee is placed in buckets prior to delivery to Villamaria, so it undergoes a 24-hour aerobic fermentation prior to drying.
At 1300 meters above sea level, the humidity and daytime temperature are ideal for drying naturally processed coffee. Coffee is dried on multilayered raised beds in specialised drying rooms for 15 days, after which it is placed in temperature-controlled drying silos for 3 more days to finish the drying process. These practices, coupled with the high altitude of the coffee cultivation, sorting by hand, and pre-drying fermentation, deliver a delicious tropical and juicy profile.
Producers receive payments for their cherry that guarantee 40% profit on the relative cost of production of traditional washed coffee. This equals payments 35% above the average internal market price across the 12 months from September 2019.
The producers deliver their cherries to the project since they are certain to have a market for their production, a profitable and sustainable operation, and immediate payment for their coffee.



Rubens Gardelli, the owner and creator of the roastery, is an important persona in the world of specialty coffee. He was the winner of The World Coffee Roasting Championships 2017. Three times on a box (twice first, once second) in Brewers Cup in Italy, Rubens also won 2014 WCE Italy Coffee Roasting Championship.

Gardelli - Finca La Aurora