Chemex®, known for its clean and balanced brew, makes one of our favorite cups of coffee. And it’s all about the filter.


Chemex® bonded filters are 20-30% heavier and more durable than other filters, removing the finest sediment particles and undesired oils and fats from the final brew. Consistent infusion of the grounds gives your coffee a rich flavor, while filtering out the harsh components of coffee that make a bitter cup. And, when it’s time to clean up, the pre-folded filters won’t break or burst.


  • Use with 3-cup Chemex brewers

  • 100 filters

  • Thicker bonded paper removes almost all sediments and oils

  • Oxygen-cleansed, paper-taste free

  • Guaranteed not to burst during filtration

Chemex Bonded Filters Unfolded Half Moon


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