Brew - Sit - Serve

At Prest we take coffee quite seriously. And while we know that many of you do too, we are also aware that today the busyness of modern life has stolen much of the time which we once had to make and enjoy a perfect cup of brewed coffee.



That's why at Prest we offer a wide variety of different brewing equipment: some to suit the modern metropolitan who doesn't have time to fuss around to get their morning coffee; and some to suit those who have the time to slow down and savour the brewing process. 

Why Prest?

Prest is a trading name of Perch & Rest Limited. Perch & Rest was launched as a cafe in 2018 by a husband and wife team, both of whom are lovers of everything coffee. In 2020, they decided to transform their shop into a specialty coffee retail store and coffee bar, the first of its kind in Scotland. The shop's website was launched in July, 2020, for which a new shortened version of the company's name was created, thus, Prest Coffee was born.